Never Up, Never In

So, some observations as I made my way first to Jacksonville and then to Islamorada Key yesterday and today.

This is a holiday weekend, which is why I’m traveling along with several thousand other people on this narrow little strip of highway that juts straight out into the ocean after you leave the security of Miami, Homestead and environs. There is a lot of traffic. I mean red line on the Apple Maps app, bumper to bumper fifteen mph type traffic. And it’s not like you can just blow your horn and go around, unless you have an airboat or a Hovercraft.

It’s enough to make you seethe except for one thing. You’re in the Florida Keys, baby. Keys Disease is already taking over, miles out.




I’ll just watch the sunset.

I did have one flashing thought though, as I sat there and waited to escape the terrestrial gravitational pull of the Mainland.

Even when the traveling is hard, if you never get there, you can’t be there.

Of course it would be easier to stay at home.

Of course it would be cheaper to eat leftovers.

Of course it would be okay to have wild caught salmon from Publix.

But if you never get up and move, change, explore, and discover, you will never experience anything new.

If you never drink the martinis Hemingway drank, you will know less about the man.

If you never experience a sunset in the Keys, you will think all sunsets are the same.

If you never drive all the way to the Point (thank you, Virginia), you can’t say you’ve been to Key West.

In golf, the saying is “never up, never in”.

In life, if you never push yourself to get there, then you can never truly be there.

And if you’re never truly been there, you’ve missed out.

Your life is not as complete as it could be.

Figure out where you really need or want to be tomorrow and get yourself there.

Make your own breaks.

Get to the brink, and then push further.

You’ll see how really good that feels.

Goodnight from the beautiful Florida Keys.

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