The Saturday Morning Post

1) It’s 6:49 AM here. I just thought you needed to know that, you know, for general purposes.

2) There is a small dog, terrier-type by the sound of him, barking and baying and yapping his little jaws off in the apartment, in the room, directly above me as I write this. Refer to #1 above. He is the best counterpoint I know to the softly playing iTunes Radio Chill Out-Ambient station that is softly emanating from my iMac at this ungodly hour on a Saturday. He is now whining. He should stop. 

3) Where did I put those Sennheisers? Refer to #2 above.

4) The Dawgs play LSU today at 3:30 PM eastern time. This is an SEC matchup between the #9 and the #6 teams in the country. We win, we move up in the polls. Simple. Coach Richt has asked for a Red Out today. Wherever you are as you hear the sound of my voice today (oops, I forgot, this is not the radio show, this is the blog, sorry), please wear RED this afternoon to support the DAWGS. Yes, I am shamelessly using my blog to promote a school that has removed most of my family from my bosom to Athens and most of my money from my wallet. It’s cool. GO DAWGS.

5) This is Reunion Day weekend! You don’t know what that means? Where have you been?

6) Where did I put that corkscrew? Refer to #5 above.

7) I have decided to nuke the little spinoff blog called You may have already noticed (at least one of you has, I am aware after last evening’s conversation) that I merged the existing content of that blog seamlessly into this one with the magic of WordPress import and export tools. Maybe I should work on this trick by importing and exporting things like iPhones, olive oil, and mozzarella. Might work. We’ll see. Yes, Mike Sevilla, you were right. You were right. Furthermore, you were right. Hey, Broadway shows have flamed out sooner. 

8) The little terrier has gone from frantic to hoarse to silent. I hope he is still alive and eating kibble.

9) Yesterday’s post on this blog lead to the second highest number of hits in one day that I’ve ever had since I’ve been blogging, starting back in 2007 or so. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and making it worthwhile to put electronic pen to paper month after month. You guys rock. 

10) Give yourselves a round of applause. See #9 above. It’ll help drown out the yapping sounds from upstairs. 

11) Last night’s performance of Les Miserables at the Imperial Theater in Augusta, Georgia, was outstanding. The solo voices were strong, the whole cast was energetic and lively and convincing, the set was fabulous, and the crowd one of the biggest I can remember seeing at the Imperial in the last thirty years. Sometimes, it’s important to let ourselves be swept away into another world, to be transported somewhere, anywhere, but here. Thank you Augusta Players for a night of entertainment that was well worth the price of admission. Bravo. 

12) It’s 7:31 AM here. Just thought you might want to know. The terrier bays and yaps. Time to rock and roll. 

Have a good Saturday, my friends, wherever you are. As always, for my Australian readers, have a good evening and have one more glass of wine for me, please.