Sometimes it’s very refreshing to realize how much I don’t know.

I consider myself a fairly smart man. I have had a modicum of higher level education, less than some and more than most. I read to find out more about things that interest me. I listen to podcasts, mostly about the tech and news that I love. I subscribe to blogs written by very bright people who teach me every day. I am constantly on the lookout for that different Twitter reference or odd link or article that pops up out of nowhere and transports me to a place or time I’ve never been before. 

What I have come to know over the last few weeks and months is the fact that there is much I have to learn and a LOT that I know absolutely nothing about.

One of my new online friends asked me the other day, out of the blue, if I liked Brazilian music. I told her that I knew absolutely nothing about Brazilian music. Nothing. 

Since then, she has given me a crash course in the music of her land, complete with references to the historical figures in the genre, the major famous performers past and present in the style, and YouTube videos of albums and performances that she thought I would like. She sent me so much information so fast that I had to create an Evernote notebook just to organize it all in one place! Your quickie course in Brazilian music from me? Listen to Gal Costa and Tom Jobim. Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous. 

I was asked by another dear friend to join a Facebook page that showcases photographs from a wonderful group of people all over the world. In the short time I have been posting to this page and watching the work of others pop up there, I have been transported in space and time from my little town in South Carolina to the streets of Finland, a sunset in Spain, the Roman baths in England, and a “tomato forest” in Vancouver. It has been an absolutely wonderful way to make new friends, see new sites and take a mini virtual vacation!

It is a big world out there.

I think we sometimes get so caught up in our own little corner of it and our own busy schedules that we forget to look up at the fiery sky, down at the gorgeous flowers at our feet, and out at the wide expanse of the horizon in a foreign land. 

There is so much that I don’t know.

There is so much that I want to learn.

I’m working on that every day.

How will you expand your horizons today? How will you find out how much you  really don’t know, and work to remedy that?

Have a great weekend, my friends. 


I took the picture above looking back at the adjacent pod as I rode the London Eye in 2005.