How do you know…?

How do you know when something is excellent? Top notch? Worthy of praise?

As some of you may have, I watched a video the other day of young nineteen year old Jason Brown, an American figure skater, looking to find a place on the men’s team that will compete in Sochi at the Winter Olympic Games.

As one of the announcers gushed, this kid was on fire.

He was well prepared for his program, he knew the moves, he was strong, he was encouraged by an adoring crowd, and he drew from their energy to take his own to new heights.

I had goosebumps watching him, the first time and the second time and the third time, because I knew I was watching someone who was passionate, talented and who knew how to work a room.

We can’t all be figure skaters like Jason Brown. We can’t all be astronauts and walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong. We can’t all inspire against unbeatable odds like Mother Teresa. We can’t all throw off the chains of incarceration and hate and teach the world to accept and love like Nelson Mandela.


…by God…

…we can all do SOMETHING.

Find your passion in this new year. Find out what gets your heart racing and your feet tapping and your face smiling and do it.

Do it.