About Face

FaceApp is the newest craze.

Make yourself younger.

Make yourself older.

See how ___________ (fill in the blank: much younger, much older, gorgeous, handsome, ugly, wrinkled, terrible!) you will look in five years, ten years, twenty years.

We are preoccupied with our looks, for good or ill. Selfies give us instant feedback. Tagged posts keep us honest. (I really do look like that?) We watch ourselves age, day by day, on social media.

Look, we are where we are. In life, in our careers, in school, in our family position, in our climb up the corporate ladder, in our steady, inevitable march toward the end of our lives.

The future will get here soon enough. Why push it, for goodness sake?

Do you want to enjoy the journey, feeling things, noticing things, accepting changes in your mind and body as you age? Do you really want to catapult yourself photographically or otherwise (Back to the Future movies notwithstanding) to age ninety, just to see how may wrinkles and chins you’ll have?

I am changing physically, and some of it I DO NOT LIKE. My stamina is not as good as it once was. I am not as physically strong. My body shape and composition are changing. My clothes don’t fit the same. None of these things keeps me from being as active as I can be mentally and physically. I try things. I push myself.

Try something. Turn your attention inward this week. Forget about your changing face, just for a week. Lines mean character. Gray means experience. Aches and pains mean you’re up and moving. “Only physically active people get these kinds of injuries,” I was once told in the ER after breaking my leg on sliding a bit too aggressively trying to stretch a single into a double.

LIVE YOUR LIFE. Don’t just document the hell out of it.


You will age, most assuredly, in good time, whether you use the newest app or not.

I can guarantee it.


2 thoughts on “About Face

  1. Don’t put your good facial closeups online for use by some application. It’s possible to copy your facial features and your bio info can be used later for identity theft.


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