There are a lot of people telling us 

what to be, 

who to be, 

what to do, 

who to love, 

how to work, 

how to vote, 

what to think, 

what to believe, 

what to revere, 

what to revile, 

what to fear, 

what to exhalt, 

what to say, 

what not to say, 

what to raise up,

 what to despise, 

what to eject, 

what to retain,

what to wall off,

and what to seal in.


Why are YOU here?

What is your daily purpose?

What are your goals?

What do you hope to accomplish tomorrow?

Next week?

Next month?

Next year?

Before you die?

Do you have a manifesto?

Do you really believe in anything, really, or do you love being spoonfed?

Are you a maintainer?

An innovator?

An influencer?

A game changer?

A world beater?

Is your life stagnant, or fluid, or changeable?

Have you already built your own wall?

Who paid for it?

Who are you keeping out, and…

what are you deparately trying to keep in?

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