I walked into the Starbucks and ordered an Americano and a breakfast sandwich. 

I sat down at the small table and arranged my food, my small black Moleskine, a pen, and my iPhone. I was ready to write the day’s blog post before work. 

He was setting up at the table next to me, in the corner. An obese middle-aged man wearing glasses, baggy shorts, a striped polo, and white socks pulled up to his knees, he reminded me of a cross between Steve Urkle and a panda bear. Or maybe think Charlie Brown at age fifty-five after a fifty year love affair with Krispy Kreme. 

On his small table, same size as mine, but spilling off into the chair, he had a large black backpack, a fifteen inch black PC, a couple of brick chargers and long cords, a pair of wired headphones, a few more cords, and a purple mouse. (I’ll give him style points for the color of the mouse, and it was cordless) 

He was bustling and attaching and unwinding and de-tangling and powering up this rat’s nest of 1990s technology. He would drop the end of one cord, then grunt and huff and puff as he laboriously dropped to his knees to retrieve the plug and then reached under the table to plug in the device attached on the other end. He would get back to his feet, bustle some more, sigh heavily and loudly, then move to the next device.

(150 words of the blog post done)

After ten minutes, he went to pick up his coffee at the bar, came back to the station and took another five minutes to fix it just right, slurping loudly. 

As he passed, he said hello, followed by, “So many moving parts to a nice, quiet cup of coffee.” I smiled. He smiled. 

Having for most of his rig at least connected to power, he began to talk into his cell phone, making a recording telling someone that he was at Starbucks and was having trouble getting connected to….something…..somewhere. He then played the recording back, loudly, sans headphones, to check it. The quality, also very 1990s, was scratchy and hard to understand. He did this three times. I’m not sure if he ever sent it to anyone. 

(350 words of the blog post written)

He looked over at me, exasperated, and exclaimed, “I’m very envious of you. You’re already making proclamations, and I’m still forming committees!”

Ten minutes later, he got up again, packed up everything into his backpack except for the PC, the cell phone, the cable between them and the purple mouse. He continued to try to record messages, but other than that, I could not see that one thing had been accomplished so far while drinking his quiet cup of coffee. Not for lack of trying, of course. 

Sometimes, less really is more!

(750 words and done for the morning’s post)

The world is a crazy place right now.

Think, prepare and plan as much as you feel you need to, but then stop preparing.

Start doing.

Have a great week, all. 

3 thoughts on “Proclamations 

  1. Keep making proclamations, Greg! The committee is out at your Starbuck’s table! Funny one! Have seen similar large backpacking people in my Starbuck’s! 💛 Elizabeth


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