What’s It All (Really) About, Alfie?

I am sick to death of the misinformation, the lies, the bogus rules and regulations, the demagoguery, the trumped up charges, the turning of a blind eye. I am sick of people, all kinds of people, who hide behind the cloak of righteousness but are wearing no clothes. I loathe the ones who hide behind their religion, walking stiffly and piously behind the cross as if it were a Sherman tank protecting them from bell tower snipers. I scoff at the ones who point to academic degrees or ancestral pedigrees and nod knowingly, as if those pieces of paper give their opinions and ideas any more weight than those of the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker. 

I am sick to death of all of us, ALL of us, writing and rewriting the rule book of life as if it were a movie script. 

What’s it all about? 

We need rules, they say, harsh and punitive and enforceable and ironclad. 

We are guaranteed our religious freedom by the constitution of the United States, they say out of one corner of their venomous mouths, while spitting at the ones worshipping differently, out of the other side. 

We need to keep our citizenry safe! Our children! Our wives! Our homes and businesses! 

There is only one marriage between a woman and a man, they say. There is no room for love in the interpretation of the Bible and its inspired Word. Excuse me? Have you read the Bible? Really? If they had their way, sexual orientation would be a mandatory 100 level college class, not a descriptive idea. 

And politics. My God, don’t get me started on politics this year. This fall will be hell, do you hear me, HELL, for this country and its democracy. Is anything about politics, which by the way means the work of the people for those they represent, aimed toward serving constituents anymore? Is it about making life better for all of us? Or is it about showmanship and money and power and influence and fifth grade epithets and character assassination? Will we survive this election cycle in the United States? Yes, we will. Will be be a stronger country, ready to lead the free world? No, I assert, we will not. 

Education, money, influence, family history, grandfathering, and legacy claiming. All tools of the modern day elite to oppress those who DO NOT HAVE. 

What’s it all about, really? In this day and age, what is it all about? 

It is about nothing more than fear, my friends. 

Fear that the future will be worse then the present which for us is worse than the past. 

Fear that the ones in charge will not look like me, act like me or think like me. 

Fear that I will be forgotten. 

Fear that I will be used, abused, and even killed. 

Fear mongering is the new consensus building. 

There is a grand illusion of equality in this country. 

There is a Pollyanna sense of safety in this country.

There is a false sense that we are TOO BIG TO FAIL. 

We are passing laws about bathrooms, when we should be much more concerned about BACK ROOMS,  where the deals are made. 

What to do, what to do? 

One man’s opinion.

Reform government so that laws that protect ALL and strive for the success and wellbeing of ALL are actually written, debated, and voted upon. 

Set rules and regulations and reasonable precautions that protect ALL of us from the harms that we know full well exist in today’s world. 

Understand, fully understand, that we live in a very pluralistic world, and there there IS no going back. 

Develop and promote expectations for decorum, reasonable behavior, and positive, productive human interaction. 

For violators of ANY of the above, develop protocols for swift, terrible, and very serious punishment. Allow no quarter for those who would stall with millions of dollars and hundreds of hours in court after court, appealing and dodging and dancing around the improperly dotted i or the uncrossed t. 

Make America great again?

No, no, no.

America, and much of the rest of the global village, has always been great. 

We have simply lost our will to stand up for the afflicted,  champion the oppressed, reward hard work, acknowledge the worth of the ideas of our citizenry, and get back to the fundamental values and tenets that have allowed us to coexist on this planet for this long. 

We must put our heads together and figure out what it’s all about, before it’s too late. 

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