Time Out

We are all caught on a treadmill of expectations. 

We have obligations to work, spouse, kids, church, friends. 

We love to watch TV, listen to music, read books and magazines, surf the Internet, email, text, talk, write, paint, remodel, clean, shop, eat, and socialize.

We sometimes even need to sleep. 

Add it all up. Numbers don’t lie, do they?

Most of our waking and sleeping hours are spoken for. We make some of these choices about how those hours are spent. Others are made for us, usually with our tacit approval. 

I would submit to you that we also need time to learn, think, train, assimilate, absorb, plan, assess, dream, commit, network and care. 

The main problem is, if we don’t schedule the time for this, and I mean hard schedule it, on your calendar, taking up a block of time, it will never happen. 

You must put yourself in time out. 

I mean it. 

Go into the corner (whatever that space is for you) and put your nose to the wall and block everything else out. Give yourself time for yourself. 

Think. Dream. Plan. Scheme. 

Because if you don’t take the time to do this, and you’re never sure where you’re headed, any old road will take you there. 

Don’t let the treadmill win. 

Get off. 


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