Three Little Words: Check In

Three Little Words 2016 | gregsmithmd

So, in January of this year I wrote the post above, thinking about the three words that I wanted to keep top of mind this year. 

This is a check in with myself to see how well I’m doing. 


The easiest of them all. We got engaged at La Fermette Marbeuf in Paris on the evening of February 12th. I wanted to ask her on Valentine’s Day, but she had to work/fly back to the States on Saturday, just to turn around and rejoin me in the City of Light on Monday. I don’t think many experiences in this world can beat having the woman you love say yes over a nice glass of wine in the most romantic city in the world. I love you, my dear, and can’t wait until November. 


I have been diligent about watching my episodes of Modern Family. Enough said. Thanks to all of you who told me that was all I needed to laugh this year. (I promise to keep working on this one)


The Chattanooga Aquarium with the neatest grandkids I know. 

Brickyard Pond in North Augusta. 

Paris, even in the cool and rain. 

Photo shoot at Berry College in Mount Berry, GA. 

Tallulah Gorge for the third time. A walk up Stone Mountain with Trina. Ten mile hike to the Hike Inn and back. Thirteen mile walk along the Spanish Moss Trail in Beaufort, SC. 

Eliza Doolittle!! 

Easter in Buckhead and Monroe with family. Hiking up Pinnacle Mountain at Table Rock State Park. 

Royal Arch in Boulder, the Incline in Manitou Springs, and White Ranch with Trina, Chelsea and Travis. Laws Whiskey House in Denver! 

I think we’re on track for one of the best years ever!

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