He walked towards those of us who were at least fifty people back in the TSA line, opened up the mesh strap barricade, and with a slight repetitive flick of his hand waved us toward a newly created line to the left. 

When I got to him, as he was verifying my documents, I thanked him for the small courtesy he had shown several of us. 

“No problem, sir,” he said, with just the faintest hint of a smile. “Have a very nice trip and rest of your day.”

“Looks like the usual early morning wait for screening in Atlanta,” the young man behind me in line said. 

A stocky, jovial-looking fellow in khakis and a blue and white striped polo, he was obviously traveling light. Not much to put in the gray tray but shoes and belt, wallet and phone. 

“Yes, ” I answered, “but they seem to be moving us along pretty well.”

We got to the steel rollers of the conveyor, I deposited everything per protocol, and inched everything forward, waiting for the mashup in front. 

“I can push that forward for you, sir,” he said, flashing me a big smile. 

I smiled back, saying thank you. Didn’t need to say anything more.  I turned toward the electronic screener and walked through. 

I handed her the two bottles of water and my debit card, ready to check out. 

“Why, good morning, Mister Gregory, and how are you this morning?”

“Can I interest you in some gum, too? Gum is always good, you know.”

I smiled broadly at her, declined the gum and the bag she offered for my drinks, and took the card and receipt back. 

“I love that bright smile of yours, Mister Gregory, I really do.”

After which, of course, I smiled even more. 

“You continue to have a blessed day.”

“Yes, ma’am, you too.”

I’m a middle-aged white male.

How many of these people do you think were black? 

You’re correct, and I commend you, if your answer was…

…it doesn’t matter. 

I’m going to New Mexico to feel the cool mountain air on my skin, the sun on my face, and to thank God for my family, friends, love, laughter, and life. 

I hope you all continue to have a blessed day.

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