Not Like That

It was the same drink I often order at Starbucks. A venti Americano with three Equals. Simple to make. Simple to drink. Hey, I’m a simple kinda guy. 

Daniel, one of the baristas at the local store, was busy behind the counter as usual. Hands flying, shots brewing, hot water streaming, steamed milk frothing. He’s the kind of guy who memorizes his regular customers’ orders and has them ready by the time they walk in the door. 

He made my drink quickly and efficiently. I didn’t have to wait long. He passed the double-cupped beverage across the bar to me. Well, he almost did. 

He pulled the coffee back, and I heard him say something very softly to himself. 

“No, not like that.”

You see, there was a very small puddle of hot coffee that had sloshed through the hole in the lid and sat there. As coffee does. 

It was not up to Daniel’s standards to pass the first coffee of the morning to me in less than perfect shape. He was not going to put out a product that was less than the best he could offer. 

He deftly removed the lid, quickly replaced it with a pristine white one, and slid it back across the bar to me. 

This action took all of three seconds. It spoke volumes about Daniel’s work ethic. 

Think about what you do, what you say, what you produce today. Think about how you treat people. Think about what you ship. 

“No, not like that.”

Make whatever you do today the very best you can offer. 


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