Weather or Not

When the April clouds roll in, we lift our faces to the springtime rain, drinking it in, feeling the roots grow deeper below and the pop of color above as flowers bloom.

In times of summertime warmth and bright sunshine, we are up and active and happy. Life is easy. It takes little effort. It just feels good. We bask. We glow. We engage.

We fall back in the midst of musty bright color as days shorten and the chilly air of autumn’s kiss brings the goose flesh of knowing. 

When cold winter rain turns to sleet and then the thick midnight snowflakes begin to fall, we hunker down. We search for the familiar warmth of hot cocoa, a flickering fire, and the embrace of the familiar. We know that it’s dark outside. We know that the crack of branches and the black sheen on the roads can mean death. 

We sit tight. 

We trust the warmth. 

We know that spring will come again. 

True love is seasonal. 

4 thoughts on “Weather or Not

  1. Ruh-oh, Doc, this sounds serious. Beautiful, yes, but where have you been for the past month and a half? Never mind. None of our business. Just keep the good words coming, please.


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