I Don’t Always Daydream, But When I Do…

So, I’m eight days and 3 1/2 books into 2015, and I’ve already learned (been reminded of?) several very important things.

Please allow me to share them with you now.

Successful and interesting people:

Actively engage their surroundings.
They do not wait for things to happen to them. They go after things. They take the bull by the horns and wrestle that sucker to the ground.

Have varied and extensive social networks.
They know lots of people. They talk with people. Not to them (that would be the narcissists). They learn from them. They genuinely like them. The go out of their way to engage them.

Read a tremendous amount.
They love books. They read and learn and share and journal and write and read some more. Then they read some more. Then they take a break and read a little.

Have very specific goals.
They know what they want and how they’re going to get there. There is no pussyfooting around. I think most of them have a very keen sense of how much time they have to accomplish their agendas, and they do not intend to waste a minute of the time they’ve been given to make their mark on the world.

Have well-defined interests.
They waste no time on trivialities. They fully immerse themselves not just in their vocation and projects, but in their avocations as well. They know what they like and what holds their attention, and they doggedly pursue it.

Have figured out how they want to impact the world and what their legacy will be.
See above. They figure it out. They plan. They execute. Boom.

Know how to play.
I think every serious, world -changing adult has never fully lost contact with his or her child mind. We are all the richer for that fact.

Give themselves adequate time to think, plan, and dream.
No one can work all the time. We kid ourselves if we think that scheduling every moment of every day makes us more productive. It does not.


I wonder what I’ll learn the last fifty -one weeks of this year?

After I read some more,

And visit with friends and family,

And travel,

And do my best to save a patient’s life,

And daydream a few hours away?

I wonder.


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