The Big Box

I posted this last year, but of course the Big Box is a yearly event for our family. This year, a few of you have already contacted me on Facebook, by text or other ways, asking “Who got the Big Box?” Since our family has experienced some changes this last year, including all three girls now living in three different states, we will be having a large celebration of Christmas, New Years and birthdays right after New Years. In a slight break with tradition, so that everyone can be present, the Big Box will be opened the afternoon of January 3, 2015. It is the twentieth anniversary edition, and I promise you it will be a special one. Mark your calendars and look for the big reveal. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers, far and wide.


Sometimes traditions get started in the most weird and mundane ways.

The year was 1994. Our family needed pillows.

Yes, I said pillows.

Now, how sexy is a Christmas present of pillows? Like, not. Right?

Well, at that time we also did not have what you might call an extreme excess of cash. The head of the household at that time (I fantasized that this was my role, but of course I have long since learned both the truth and the error of my ways) decided to do something out of the ordinary to meet the needs of his fledgling family as well as to spice up Christmas morning. He (I) went out and bought a passel (yes, that is a word-Google it) of pillows, found a very large box that would hold said passel, and then wrapped the whole thing in jolly, gay, Christmas wrapping paper. (Georgia, the stateā€¦

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