Rosie and Me: Day 5

Okay, class, this was a day known in the sporting word as a traveling day. Nothing of import happened, no contests were held, no big meet ups took place. I was in the car a lot, heading west, heading west, heading west, and then heading west a while.

In other news, it is WINDY in North Dakota. (Nothing against you guys, but I am very glad I’m in Montana tonight, where it is absolutely balmy. Ahh.

Did you know that it is illegal to transport alien, invasive species into the state of Montana? Sign right there across the state line says so, so it must be true. So glad I didn’t have anybody from Carolina or Clemson in the car, or I would have had to put ’em out.

You know, I am struck by the fact that 1) we get used to things pretty quickly, and 2) things scale. Now, what I mean by this is that if we are used to doing things one way and we have to start doing them differently, it feels weird and odd for a while, but after a day or two or three we are doing things the new way as if it was always the old way and we’re quite comfortable with it. Moreover, when we are confronted with a bigger, broader look at the world, after a while we get used to the grandness of it, and take it all in on the bigger scale just as we saw it more narrowly before.

What does all this mean?

That the bigger iPhone is okay once you get used to it (well, at least the 6; I don’t know about the 6+), and that doing 80 mph down the interstate in Montana feels like flying under the biggest, brightest blue-domed snow globe you’d ever want to be trapped in. (Apologies to Stephen King)

Did you know that there is a sign off the interstate in Montana that says “Bad Route Road”?

Now, why would anyone in his or her right mind want to exit onto a road that was described, very plainly, as Bad Route Road? Why would one not wait for the next exit, hoping for Good Route Road?

On a more serious note, Since I had no one to take me out to dinner or brunch today (many thanks to Jordan and Diane!), I was forced to find a wonderful new place and buy myself dinner tonight.

I found The Fieldhouse Cafe in Billings, Montana. This excellent little restaurant is inside a reclaimed building by the railroad tracks not far from downtown Billings. The brick walls, exposed pipes, brightly polished industrial seating, wooden topped tables and good music playing overhead all add to the atmosphere. The servers are wonderful and all the staff members were quite friendly and chatty.

After reading about some of the menu items on Yelp and talking to my waitress about her favorites, I decided to go with the meatloaf, potatoes and broccoli, along with a nice pinot. The excellent red sauce highlighted the flavors of the meatloaf and gave it just a little spice. I finished with a piece of moist homemade carrot cake, topped with a small dollop of goat cream cheese icing and ginger pieces. A piping hot French press coffee pot delivered at the same time put the finishing touches on a very nice meal this evening.

All in all, it was a good day. Tomorrow, I will finally reach my destination state of Washington, if not quite to Seattle. I’ll spend the night in Spokane and finish up the outward bound journey on Thursday. Then there will be Friday and Saturday to explore, drink coffee, eat seafood with friends old and new, and see a show. Might even find some little goodies for the grandkids on this leg of the trip. On Sunday it’s down to Portland for a day, and then Rosie turns back east for the long trip back towards Carolina.

There’s a lot more to see and do, so stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Rosie and Me: Day 5

  1. I’m enjoying reading about your adventures, especially the meals! Too bad you couldn’t swing down to LA from Seattle, on your way back home – would love to meet. Maybe next trip.


  2. Well, we will have rain for you here in Seattle! We have had such a lovely Fall but I think that ship has sailed. Safe travels!


  3. Glad you’re having such a wonderful time and I’m loving your blog!! I have several cyber friends that I’ve met up with as well and it was fun to meet a flesh and blood human to go with the cyber friendship. Hope you have an awesome time with all your old friends in Seattle! I’m from Delaware/Maryland area but LOVE Montana and Wyoming. If you are anywhere near the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone, it’s worth a side trip (I’ve visited there TEN times so far). Safe travels and happy “catching up”.


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