Rosie and Me: Nine Days and a Wake Up

Some pre-trip thoughts today, for those few of you who are not yet tired of hearing me talk about my upcoming cross country excursion. (Both of you.)

This trip has been on my mind and my virtual bucket list for many years. No, I have not yet made an actual bucket list, never committed it to paper or 1s and 0s, but it’s always floated around in my head. Travel to Australia, visit Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, go back to see a few more shows in London, look out over Pointe du Hoc, and others. They all involve travel, mostly, as the older I get the more restless I’m becoming, feeling that tug to get out and see the world before time, age and physical limitations take their inevitable toll and make it difficult if not impossible to do so.

I began the planning for this trip in my mind by thinking of all the places I wanted to go and all the sites I wanted to see along a general meandering path heading north and then west. Chicago, the Dakotas, Montana, the Northwest. Very quickly, it became apparent to me that the people I could visit as I traveled became much more important than the places themselves. Mountains and coffee shops and scenic vistas are much more fun to take in and experience with friends and family and loved ones than alone. Important lesson, that.

So, that little nugget of wisdom taking hold of my brain, I began to plan the itinerary around dinners, breakfasts, coffee, and overnight stays with friends and family. Lo and behold, I found that I am blessed beyond measure with good folks to visit all across this great country!

I am excited about seeing new things, meeting new people, experiencing new places, taking pictures, and just feeling the thrill of being on the open road. You all know that I love my jobs, but I’m also looking forward to being away from the pressures of schedules, phone calls, texts, emails, reports, progress notes, and consultations for three weeks. As far as I can remember, I’ve never taken three weeks off in a row in my entire working life.

Stay tuned for daily posts, pictures, reviews and commentary as I travel from Aiken to Chicago to Fargo to Spokane to Seattle to Portland to Salt Lake City to Denver to Oklahoma City to Little Rock to New Orleans to Birmingham and all points in between.
Rosie and I will have a great adventure together, and I’ll share it all with you, right here on


11 thoughts on “Rosie and Me: Nine Days and a Wake Up

  1. Sounds like an incredible adventure! I haven’t been around so I am not sick of hearing about it yet 😉 Have fun and if your travels bring you through AZ let me know.


  2. There is a column of chairs set apart from the rest — they are the people who died in the building across the street from the building — they worked for the water resource board. 2 or 3 rows up there is the name Trudy Rigney. Trudy was my first friend in Oklahoma –and taught me so much, including that you could start over no matter what life handed you. She died just 2 weeks before completing her bachelor’s degree. I miss her — and I’m so grateful that her life is never to be forgotten.


  3. I will be down there for work on November 10 — in the area, going down the day before on the 9th and considering going — not sure — pretty hefty emotions –and I’m going down for the testing that decides if I can be a case worker in child welfare (I’ve had co workers say it was more stress than the GRE) — not sure I should combine 2 such things –but not sure that going to see Trudy’s memorial might just be the reminder I need to steady me — still weighing the option before making the decision.


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