Waffling in The House

(Hey, you got one!)

“How are ya, hon?”

“I’m fine, thank you.”

“What can I get you, sweetie?”

“Cheesesteak omelette, tomatoes, no grits, no toast, black coffee, please.”

“Pull a cheesesteak, tomatoes, don’t drop one, no bread!”

“You want that coffee in a big to go cup, hon?”

“Yeah, that would be great, thanks.”

“Where you headed?”

“Up to see the Berry football team’s first game tomorrow.”

“Oh, are they any good?

“This is their very first year having a football team. I hope they’ll be good.”

“Wow, those tomatoes were makin’ me sneeze!” (Washes hands vigorously)

“Here’s your change, Louise.”

Mumble mumble mumble.

“Hey, Tex, you’re early! Is this even the right day for you?”

“New route. Be here Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

“I’ll guess you’ll see me, then, if you come back on Tuesday.”

“If he lets you out of the bedroom. That’s where I hear you been holin’ up lately.”

(Blushing furiously)

“Everything okay with you hon?”

“Yes ma’am. Good stuff.”

“John’s not here anymore, huh?”

“No, he went over to the Cartersville store I think. Over there with Margaret I think.”

“He was a good one.”

“Yes, he was.”

“You want your usual, or you want to wait until you have a couple cups of coffee in you first and then decide?”

“Yeah, coffee first.”

“May I use your bathroom?”

“Sure hon, right down that hall.”

“Good night, Ms. Louise. See you on Wednesday.”

Mumble, mumble, mumble.

“At least we made a little money.”

“Yeah, a little I think.”

“You need anything else, hon?”

“No, I’m good, thanks.”

“Good luck to your team tomorrow!”

“Thank you.”

“Hurry back.”

I love to travel.

I love to eat on the road.

I love to people watch.

It’s all good.

(Reposted from 9-6-13. Hope it gives you the same chuckle it gave me.)

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