‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple

Why are we so insistent on making our lives more complicated, when we constantly preach the virtues of simplicity?

I find myself at the start of this new year, like I have many times before, wanting to organize, prioritize and order my world.

Sound familiar?

I want to put things in boxes. Literal boxes that I haul up to the recycled clothing bin. Digital boxes, full of other boxes and colored lines and numbers and bars and stars. Emotional boxes that I put on emotional shelves and vow not to open in the next 363 days. Well, maybe just a peek, you know, in the spring, just to remind me of the bad things I don’t want to feel anymore that lead me to stretch on tiptoe to reach all the way up there in the first place.

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves, the cases we make, the final arguments we present.

I swap one task manager for another, thinking that because everyone says it’s the best I will be the best if I use it. I read the book about THE METHOD that is supposed to make sense out of jumbled life and cut the Gordian knot that sits in the pit of my stomach as another problem comes up just as surely as the shiny, sparkly ball in Times Square comes down.

Just like you, just like all of us, I go into the new year full of hope and energy and thinking that this year, maybe this year, the hype will all be true. The answer will be found. Order will be maintained. Happiness and simplicity will finally find us, just as we are adding another layer of thought and technology and whatever else we think will make the stew better.

I know the answer in my gut, don’t you? I know the truth.

My brain, loving the mental gyrations and self-stimulation it puts itself through, does not want to hear it. It wants another day to think. To sleep on it just one more night. To turn it over and over in its tiny humuncular hands and worry one day longer.

I know the answers.

You know the answers.

Things that are true don’t stop being true just because the date on the calendar changes.

What should we do?


Choose, and then use the tools that fit your style.

Do what gets consistent results.

DO the work.


Happy 2014.

One thought on “‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple

  1. I am learning how true this is Greg. Simplify. Simplicity. Order (actually I still go a bit overboard with that one!). Delegate. Slow down (because every item on my list…literal or figurative…does NOT have to be completed in one day!). Chill.

    Simplicity = less stress. Makes life much more… simple;)

    I do like that idea!



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