It’s a Date

You may have noticed something over the years about how people sign the Christmas cards they send out. Somewhere up near the top righthand corner of the card, you’ll usually find the date. This year, it may say December 2013, Christmas 2013, or 12-25-13. I was wondering why folks feel compelled to date their cards. I came up with three broad reasons, but you may think of more. Please comment and share if you date your cards for other reasons or think of others.

First, they think that the recipient of the greeting card always keeps the cards they receive each year, and would like to have them in order of ย year for easy reference in case they want to look back on them. In other words, the date on this year’s card will put it in the proper order with all the other cards from Christmas past, present and yet to come.

Secondly, the sender of the card, and maybe even the recipient, need to slow the holiday season down, to mark it and date it and time stamp it, as if this will make it last longer, move by more slowly, or be more enjoyable. I understand this especially in a year like this one, where it seems that Thanksgiving turkey was being carved in the orange light of a Jack o Lantern and Pilgrims make their way through the countryside with the Wise Men in search of the Baby Jesus during Advent. Everything is going by too fast, and marking cards with specific dates says stop, look and listen. Enjoy this one season for what it is, and don’t let it pass by too rapidly.

Thirdly, this year may be a momentous year for some reason. Something good is happening. Change is coming. This particular card on this particular date needs to be kept to mark this time that something important happened in the life of the sender or the receiver of the card, or both. Again, looking back on this card with this date may remind everyone of good tidings of great joy. To me, this is one of the best reasons to mark anything with a date. Holidays are wonderful but anniversaries are even better.

Do you mark your cards with the date before you send them on their way?

What is your reason for doing so?

Share if you feel so inclined.

Date your responses, please.

A joyous holiday season to all my friends, family and readers. Thank you for a great 2013. I look forward to sharing more musings with you in the coming year.



14 thoughts on “It’s a Date

  1. I stopped sending out Christmas cards –oddly in 2008 — that is the year I went back to school –strange coincidence huh?
    I realized today I should probably hand some out to my co-workers —


  2. I rarely send out Christmas cards anymore (just too busy – or whatever excuse I’m currently using) but I got into the habit of dating every card (month/year) as a kid – my mom used to do it, and she was one that saved every single card! I was never a “saver” nor do I expect anyone to save the cards I send. But dating the cards is a hard habit to break.Thanks for this post – it brought some smiles! 12/2013


  3. There was a time when I created cards for every Christmas and they were dated since it was part of the sentiment. Then I fell out of the practice–I had good intentions, but grad school had other demands. This is the first year I am sending out cards, but I didn’t date them.


  4. I don’t date my cards…however I try to put a personal comment on each one instead of just the signature. By the way, I love your blog. I’ve been a psychiatric nurse for over 25 years so I always relate to your comments!! Happy Holidays! (2013) ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I stopped sending Christmas cards a long time ago. Military-lots of bases-ships, easy to lose track of shipmates. Sometimes, we weren’t quite sure where we lived.My daughter went to kindergarten in 3 states. I used to try, but when I reached over 200 cards to address and mail-I gave up.


  6. I like y cooper’s reasoning. I like to send out a letter within a personal, dated (upper right hand corner, year only) card. I don’t want people to keep them around – too much clutter, but do want children to use them to make crafts like we did at my maternal Grandmother’s.
    This year, again, I’m able to slow and enjoy by recognising we are only now in Advent; that the Christmas season won’t start till the evening of Dec. 24 or the day of Dec. 25, and then last, yes, for twelve days till Epiphany. For me, the real Xmas season is calm, quiet, and rejuvenating – with the days a tiniest bit longer.


  7. I think some Xmas cards also double as a family photo (like the Kardashians). So the cards gets dated with the idea that you can look back at the family photo and see how everyone has changed. Kourtney Kardahian was saying on the show that the cards are a good way to see how her kids have grown every year.


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