That Seventies Show


Mr. Mack told me I had to write a paper entitled “Things I Learned at My Seventies Reunion” before class on Monday.

I have a blog, as you know. Perfect vehicle, eh what? 

Here goes.

1) When your next opportunity comes to get to a class reunion, GO. I have missed my share of these (high school, college, medical school, you name it) over the years because “more important things” came up. There is nothing more important than being with the people you love and who love you. Nothing. The next time, some of them may  not be there. I repeat. Next time? GO. 

2) Eight hours in the car is a small price to pay for getting to a crazy fun party. Some people traveled from out of state, like waaaay out of state. I think that may have affected the state they were in at the party, or maybe that was the booze. (Am I overstating this?)  Point being, refer back to 1) above. Catch a plane, hop a train, rock your skateboard from Cedartown if you have to. Get there. 

3) Class reunions should never, I repeat NEVER, should be scheduled on days when there is a major SEC football game at the same time. I thought a few of us would have heart attacks before the Dawgs finally won the damn thing. My CPR training is current and I’m not afraid to use it (Just my luck, though, that one of the ugly GUYS would have a cardiac event and not…well…I guess that’s not professional so I won’t go there.) Are you listening, Vickie? 😉

4) Big parties should be planned by professionals. Vickie and her crew did a stellar job and made it easy for all of us to just have fun. Kudos and many thanks. Note to the masses: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

5) Name tags are da bomb. I did not inherit my father’s uncanny ability to remember names of people and all their relatives twelve generations back for sixty years. (Gee, thanks, Dad)

6) Always pack a corkscrew.

7) We are all fighting a great battle. Be kind to your classmates, because you really don’t know what each of them has been through over the last three decades or more. If they trust you enough and want you to know, and you ask, they will tell you. That’s very cool. 

8) Wallflowers have the best and most perfect vantage point for observing the behavior of the human animal at a party. Want to know what really happened last night? Ask the guy sitting at the table over there who did not move from 7:30 until 11:30 PM. He can tell you everything.

9) Drinking alcohol in moderation is a social lubricant. Drinking alcohol to excess is a social nightmare. (And it does NOT help you pick up chicks.) Sorry, but it’s the truth, my friend, who shall remain nameless.

10) There was FOOD there? Really? I never had the time to try any of it. 

11) There is never enough time to catch up with everybody you want to talk to in a mere five hours. You thought you would be bored and ready to go home long before midnight? Are you kidding me?

12) The iPhone (and other phones with camera and video capabilities) have made it possible to export INSTANT EMBARRASSMENT. Spill wine on yourself? It’s on Facebook. Roll your eyes at somebody’s bad joke? It’s gone in an instant message. Swoooosh. Don’t you just love modern technology?

13) We all have regrets.

14) We are all very lucky to be here and to have each other. 

15) Near darkness and colored, rotating mirror balls are very good at making fifty somethings think that they still look and act eighteen. I’ll just let that one sit for a minute…

16) Slow dancing is still fun.

17) So is The Bump. 

18) If you’re not there, we’re going to talk about you. Refer to 1) and 2) above. 

19) Fantasy is wonderful; reality is real. Enjoy the former, but never ignore the latter. 

20) All good things must end. When the clock strikes midnight, the footmen turn back into mice, the carriage becomes a pumpkin, and someone (probably the inebriated soul I was referring to above) will undoubtedly leave a shoe on the steps in the rush to leave the building.


I really, really enjoyed seeing you all last night. It was great fun, and I hope we will do it again before too long. 

I also hope Mr. Mack gives me an A.

I deserve it.

‘Bye all. 


6 thoughts on “That Seventies Show

  1. Greg,

    I really enjoyed seeing you again also. My favorite from above is #14. Except I choose to believe we are all very BLESSED to be here and have each other. Blessed indeed!!

    Thanks for your friendship!



  2. You just about covered it all! Had a great time seeing everyone and I like having other classes together. Shout out to Vickie and Kathy and Pam for making it all happen! Oh, and social nightmare is always expected, one or two at least. I guess life would be boring without them.


  3. I give you an A. Not a teacher, so it probably doesn’t mean much. I hope I didn’t offend you with my comment in the elevator upon arrival. Always knew you’d do great things, just didn’t know being a doctor was your goal. Of course Facebook has a bunch of Greg Smith, I remember trying to recognize you by your picture, and just couldn’t see you there but in person you look like the Greg I remember. Did you notice how many of the people were in band? Totally enjoyed the time I was there, I think I left about 10:30, and on Facebook till 4:30 AM up early and back on again. I am still wound up from all of the fun in one night. My jaws were hurting from all the smiling, my stomach was hurting from all the laughing, I don’t know how I bypassed a headache luckily I did. I totally agree with your advice about attending, it was the most fun I have had in years. Great seeing you, congratulations on your success in life. If you ever write a book I’ll take an autographed one, (hopefully encouraging you to do so). Looking forward to the next one. I’ll be reading….bye for now…


  4. ‘Enjoyed the story and related it to attending my own reunions in the Boston area. Most helpful point: “Just go…some of the people may not be there when the next reunion comes around.” Thanks for writing it.
    Barbara/San Francisco


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