Gregorian Calendar


Sometimes things just get so hectic I can’t believe it. Ever have those days/weeks/months? I’m sure you have. 

I’m smack dab in the middle of one of those stretches of work, travel, visits, and obligations that feels like I got tethered to the back of a 747 and was asked to run fast enough to keep up as the plane barrels down the runway for takeoff. You know you can’t just stand still, but you also know that things are going to speed up beyond your control pretty quickly. 

As I’ve told you before, I’m a purist. I use the applications and programs that come standard with my Apple kit unless I find something better. For that reason, I use Calendar on the iMac and the corresponding app on the iPhone. I have nine separate calendars within the program. These help me to keep track of personal time, actions that need to be taken on a specific date and at a specific time, Facebook events that I have been invited to, meetings I must attend, my professional schedule including telepsychiatry and clinic work schedules, arts events I have tickets to and of course, the 2013 football schedule for the UGA Dawgs. 

All of these calendars sync with my iPhone. Make a change on the phone and it shows up on the iMac at home, and vice versa. Cool. All are color coded. I can look down at my calendar and instantly know if I have to work that day or if I have a meeting later in the day just by scanning colors. 

I also have alarms and reminders enabled via Mac OS-X and iOS 6, so this adds another layer of help to keep me on track. Things will pop up, ding and boing when I’m supposed to be somewhere, write something, or take action on a project. These alarms may come a week before an event, or thirty minutes before a meeting. 

On the iMac, I keep the weekly calendar open, and I have it set to show the entire twenty hour hours of each day. I can get a better sense of what my day or week looks like if I can see color-coded events spread over the entire time period. This lets me know just how busy I will be that week, but it also let me quickly and easily see where there are gaps that might serve as times to meet someone for coffee or plan a dinner with my daughter. 

Still and all, there are periods like this when all I can do is trust that my carefully crafted system will get me where I need to be on time. I trust that I have set alarms, put up reminders and blocked off enough time to accomplish what needs to be done today. I check the calendar one last time at home, grab my iPhone, and head out the door. Then, all I can do is show up and do what I’m told at the appointed hour and hope I make it until midnight, ready to slide into the next day. 

The good thing?

In eight days, there’s a green entry starting at 4:30 PM that says “Trip to Monticello”. It stretches out for three days. The green color tells me that this time will be set aside for personal travel, activities, fun and recharging.

Now that’s the kind of personal obligation I won’t have any problem meeting. 

16 thoughts on “Gregorian Calendar

  1. Good morning, Greg,
    I am in the process of trying to “organize” my life and wishing I could say “re” organizing. However, that not being the case, I am making a concerted effort to make a change that I have needed to make for years. My point? I have a MacBook Pro and an IPad that I am just beginning to learn to use correctly. There is a class/group here in Ocala, FL, which will meet on Tuesday, Aug.13. Knowing that, I am planning to TRY to arrange my
    logo into
    What do you think? Can “old dogs” ever learn new methods of organizing? I hope so because today is a significant (using the term very loosely) day for me, and I see this as “now or never.”
    Ms B


  2. Ms. B

    In short, absolutely!

    You have, in my opinion, one of the easiest to use and most fun ecosystems in the MBP and iPad.

    The key is to figure out what you want to do/track/measure and find the very best app or program to do that. There are so many that a lot of them will be a waste of your time.

    Once you’ve figured out your system you’ll be flying.

    Good luck! I’ll look forward to hearing about it next month.



  3. I’m a Mac person who uses Google Calendar with similar bells and whistles. If I don’t put it on the calendar, I don’t do it..I find it sad to be in a positon to need my calendar instead of my memory, but we’ve always had something – a notebook, a calendar on the wall, etc., to keep us on track.
    Put silicone on your running shoes behind the plane, enjoy the exertion and compassion you expend towards your patients and co-workers, then let go in Monticello but remember to RELAX once there :).


  4. Wow – you gave me a headache. I hope you have a wonderfully restful vacation, but it doesn’t sound like 3 days will be nearly enough.


  5. Partially. At my last job, I had my personal smart phone plus my work Blackberry. It was quite funny every time the plane landed, when I had two phones to turn on and check for phone calls/emails. Then there was the work laptop… All domestic travel came with the vague expectation to stay in touch. The best vacation I took was to Italy last October. I purposefully left the work laptop and Blackberry at home and told people I would be unavailable. Delightful! Try it! 🙂


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