Never Forget

If you’ve never seen the documentary on the Hiroshima nuclear bombing (can be found on Netflix) you should find it, watch it, and think on it for awhile.

Even though this act may have shortened the war and saved countless lives, the story is haunting, the losses devastating, and the lives shattered numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

We are forgetting our history.

We cannot let our children and grandchildren grow up without learning the lessons of the past, any more than we can ignore preparing them for the future.






One thought on “Never Forget

  1. Just watching one day’s worth of news, domestic or international is overwhelming to me. Aggression is a basic part of our evolutionary make up. But it is not all of our make up. Humans have an enormous capacity to grow, to adapt, and to love. We are guided by social forces as well as evolutionary ones.

    We have not yet learned as a culture to adapt to the modern age. We have access to incredible amounts of information, much of which is scary. It is easy to cope with this by entering flight or fight mode, by engaging in black and white thinking, and by forgetting that we will in a vast expanse of gray. There are no simple explanations and no simple solutions.

    As for me, I vote carefully, I dedicate my professional life to children’s social emotional health, I try to raise my daughter with great love and sensitivity, and I strive to live each day in a peaceful way.


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