Weekend Wakeup

So, I learned or re-learned some things this weekend while taking a one day hiatus from the workaday world. 

I can sing. Granted, I’m no Placido Domingo, but if Bruce Springsteen or Aerosmith pop up on my playlist with one of my favorite songs, I might just take the melody for one verse.

Road trips clear out cobwebs in my head. Roll the windows down (don’t you just love to keep using terms like that long past their viability, just because you can?), crank up the music, and enjoy the scenery. Costs you nothing but gas money.

Family is best. If you want to be around people, why not let it be your people? Getting to be around my daughters and their families as adults is a wonderful thing. 

Grandchildren are some of the best people to be around-ever. If you’re a grandparent, I don’t need to say more. If you’re not, I hope you will be someday.

Watching movies on the iPad with your granddaughter makes all your problems go away for a while. 

Cupcakes are meant to be shared. Especially the gourmet ones, and especially especially the chocolate peanut butter cream ones. OMG.

Chili is comfort food, even in the summer. Add a good beer, and it’s like whoa. 

Candyland, the game, can teach you more about dealing with life’s frustrations than any other experience I’ve had lately. I mean, how many times can you get thrown back to start again without losing your freakin’ mind?

Having your grandson smile and yell, “Chase me!” makes you feel like a little kid again. 

A hug from your granddaughter is one of the best things in the whole world. 


Yeah, it only takes a day to get back to what really matters. 


11 thoughts on “Weekend Wakeup

  1. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful day. Children really are a touchstone for what is important, joyous, and loving.

    They can also force us go back to start again with grace and good humor. (Unless, you had a
    fit during that game of Candy Land.)


  2. What a nice weekend! I wish I could be more times with my grandnephew and nieces but they live a looong way! So, yesterday I danced for 3hours and a half in a live concert with my favorite singer: Caetano Veloso and my favorite sambista Paulinho da Viola. Have to tell… my legs today are ”sweet” as we say around here when you are not able to give one more step.


  3. Greg,

    THIS is why I love my Tuesdays with Trace & Maggie:)

    You’re exactly right.

    So glad you had some down home fun spun cupcake-baking candy land making hugs & kisses fun with your babes!

    NO better way to recharge & look in the faces of what life truly is about.



  4. Thank you for this post. Past week was terrible, and my week-end dreadful.
    Reading your joyful words helped invigorate my poor soul. 🙂


  5. Knowing your frustration limits is an important part of emotion regulation. Also, what do the dragons do? I don’t remember those, though we had a Winnie the Pooh version. Maybe we got Eyeores or something.

    Just wait until you start playing Sorry. And Monopoly, I won’t play it any more. The objective is evil, not to mention the fact that that game takes too dang long.


  6. Very funny and clever. You have crossed my mountain references with your Candy Land references. Witty.

    And by the way, one of the extra reasons that I think of Julie Andrews when I am in the mountains is because family vacations to the mountains almost always included my mother spinning in a meadow and singing the opening bars to “The Sound of Music.” It’s a particularly precious memory from my teen years. Oh wait, I think she ONLY did it during our teens years. My mom has a mean streak. 😉


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