Different Strokes



We sat there yesterday morning, all partaking of the proffered breakfast at the hotel that was being remodeled and so was a little more disorganized on this Sunday morning than would be expected. I sat at one end of the long straight row of wooden tables, sampling my oatmeal and fruit. They sat at the other, enjoying the eggs and muffins and coffee. I was headed out for a day of walking up and down grassy slopes and taking pictures. I’m not sure where they were going. 

I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation being lead by a fellow who looked to be in his mid sixties, maybe older. 

“Yeah, he told me he was getting one of those phones, you know, they call ’em smart phones or something like that.”

Murmurs of agreement, slurps of coffee, another bite of egg, another piece of muffin buttered and disposed of. 

“I don’t know why he would need that. I have a phone, and it works fine I guess. But you know,  he says it has this new virtual keyboard, I think he called it.”

Mumble mumble, virtual, mumble mumble, typing on a phone?, mumble mumble. 

“Yeah. Really. Blackberry or something like that. Yeah. Blackberry I think he called it.”

“I don’t know why they like those tiny little keyboards,” piped up another man around slurps of orange juice.

“Remember that Olivetti you used to type on?” brought up one man.

“And the IBM Selectric?” the woman asked, her first foray into the discussion.

They reminisced a minute about the old days of typewriters and correction fluid and ribbons and reams of paper. 

Then the conversation turned to Hawaii and which beaches were best and the last trip each of them had taken there.

We can’t assume that what gets us excited and drives our exploration and jump starts our curiosity does that for everyone else in the world around us. Those of us who love technology anxiously await the fall and the next release of the latest smart phone with near field communication (NFC), fingerprint recognition on the lock screen and multi-layered, parallax driven home screens that move as the viewing angle is changed. 

Others of us look forward to the next trip to beaches with black sand and sunsets that are to die for.

The take home for you on this Monday morning?

The next generation iPhone will have a gorgeous retina display, a virtual keyboard and do things that we never even thought about doing on a phone ten years ago.

If you want sun, fun, and gorgeous sunsets, and you don’t mind a significantly higher cost of living for a little while, head to Hawaii. Skip the big island. The smaller, out of the way places are best. 

Different strokes for different folks. 

I hope you all have an excellent week. 


2 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. Greg,

    If we all liked the same thing, or if (horror of horrors) we were all just alike, it would be a very boring world indeed, wouldn’t it? God loves diversity! 😉



  2. Then there’s carbon paper, mimeograph machines, and the Captain Midnight Secret Decoder Badge–all destined for the Smithsonian Museum, where they’ll live on in perpetuity along with the Spirit of St. Louis, Archie Bunker’s easy chair, and John Dillinger’s —– !


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