Father; Time


In the beginning, when I was a little boy, I thought that you would always be there. Why would you not?

You were Dad.

When my hair grew long and your temper grew short, I hated you for a while. You didn’t understand me. You never hated me, though. I knew that.

You were Dad.

When I made a colossal mistake, the first of many in my life, you never said I told you so. You let me fall, knowing that I would get back up.

You were Dad.

When I was a man, and you fell for the last time, I couldn’t pick you up. You waited until I got there, until I could say goodbye.

I was right, of course, as children often are.

You will always be here.

Time is short, but memories are long.

You are Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.

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