5 thoughts on “My post on KevinMD.com today

  1. Good article. Home is the first and primary “system” no doubt. No boundaries or discipline for children early-on could imply boundaries and discipline will be needed later, and provided by the Department of Corrections, as adults.


  2. Somehow your points, which were mostly good, turned into commenters justifying why it’s fine to spank children. I suppose you mentioned corporal punishment, but a pediatrician came on in favor of violence against children, and a woman talked proudly about how she’d publicly threaten to beat her grandson and wasn’t it nice of a total stranger to offer his belt, and for another to offer to spank the child. Love, guidance towards acceptable behaviors, not indulging every wish out of fear, and consequences for unacceptable behaviors, those all seem fine, but violence against children? This is what we want a pediatrician and a psychiatrist to be publicly advocating? There are other ways. Sometimes it’s hard (I’ve survived 2 teenagers, and not always with perfect grace, but neither child would have considered calling Protective Services.


  3. Dinah,

    Of course, you’re right. I certainly did not mean to come across as condoning spanking or corporal punishment as the only way to discipline, or even the best way. On the contrary, I agree that “love, guidance towards acceptable behaviors, not indulging every wish out of fear, and consequences for unacceptable behaviors” is certainly the high road that all should strive for. Thanks for that grounding comment.



  4. I have jokingly referred to ADD/ADHD as DDD for years… (Discipline Deficit Disorder). So glad to see this article-Just saw it on Kevin MD in Jan of 2015. I’m officially a fan.

    I’d be curious to know your thoughts on the DSM-V…. Read Allan Frances’ book, Saving Normal, and couldn’t help myself from nodding vigorously in agreement with almost every page.
    Seems like we can all be diagnosed with something now. I suppose part of it is big pharma, part of it is the fact that there’s so much advantage to being at a “disadvantage”, given the perks and benefits that come with Dx. I also wonder…. that perhaps psychiatry has been so desperate to be considered a “hard science” and struggled with “legitimacy issues”, as a medical specialty for so long, that the push to “quantify” behavior is actually undermining this goal?

    Just rambling..Thank you for your thoughtful blog.

    btw is traffic in the keys really that bad all the time now? It wasn’t back in the 80’s that I recall.




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