I Am the 1%


I was pleased to be asked to write a guest post for a friend and fellow blogger about some aspect of breast cancer and mental health.

My offering, titled “I Am the 1%”, is up this morning.

You may read it here.

Thank you to my readers for your ongoing support of my efforts here. Please give my friend at Telling Knots the same support. There is some good information there about being one of the 30% who live with metastatic breast cancer every day.

I hope you all have a good day, and I’ll see you back here soon.

4 thoughts on “I Am the 1%

  1. Nicely written with lots of compassion, as usual. Remember that psychotherapy patient I told you about, the one I had when I was in training at a state psychiatric hospital in NC? She had been treated for breast cancer. It was fairly obvious as she’d had a unilateral mastectomy and did not wear a prosthetic. On top of this, when agitated, she removed her clothes.

    Doris didn’t have schizophrenia but she was often not in good contact with reality not to mention confused and disconnected to her environment. Since I saw her during her 30th hospitalization in 30 years, I imagine that she was not functioning well when she was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. We did not discuss such heavy duty topics since I was just working on her being able to have a calm and pleasant conversation with me. Your post prompted me to think back to what her cancer treatment experience must have been like. How awful for her.

    My experience working with adults at the hospital was not something I saw as being directly relevant to my goals of becoming a child/adolescent psychologist. But I appreciated the experiences very much. As vulnerable as most of the patients at this hospital were, I was heartened that most of them woke up every day and wanted to live. There was an amazing combination of vulnerability and resilience there that told me that there is something very powerful about the human spirit.


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