12 thoughts on “Thanks for waiting on me.

  1. I’m stalling on studying for my very last 2 finals of my undergrad journey. (tomorrow) 🙂 Graduate on Monday — Start Grad school in August (geesh, since I’ve ‘seen’ you — passed GRE, applied and was accepted and almost graduated lol).
    Seeing your post was a delightful distraction 🙂 It will be good to see you writing again. Welcome back.


  2. That is just awesome-all of it! How exciting to graduate and move to the next step. Hearty congratulations and best of luck on the last two. Thanks very much for the welcome. It means so much more than you can know.


  3. It’s about freakin’ time! I mean, so glad you’ve taken whatever time you’ve needed to collect body, mind, and spirit.


  4. Greg,

    This IS a good thing!! Good for you…good for us! As you can see, everyone has missed you;) It is good for you to get back doing something you love so much!

    Welcome back, buddy!



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